(Finally) Introducing the 2012 Cheeky Girl — Lexie!

Yes, that’s right… I’m finally introducing the wonderful Lexie, my 2012 Cheeky Girl! Now, when I put the call out there for a spokesmodel, I had no idea what I was getting into. Now that I’ve had some time Lexie, I am so so so EXCITED for our upcoming projects! Rather than having me blab on and on about how great I think she is, I wanted to give you guys her perspective on the whole process.

MG: What made you enter the competition?

Lexie: I entered the competition on a whim after checking out Myla’s website! She seemed like such a fun person and her work was gorgeous, so I figured “why not?”

MG: How did you feel after being chosen as a finalist?

Lexie: I was simultaneously both thrilled and terrified! By the day of the shoot, I was much calmer—it’s hard to be nervous when you’re getting your hair and makeup done and getting to play dress up. After the shoot, it was super exciting to see a preview of some the photos, and to keep seeing them pop up on the website!

MG: How did you feel during the shoot?

Lexie: The shoot itself was a blast. We had so much fun playing with all the different shots made possible by the gorgeous hotel room—lounging around on the bed, playing with the chandelier, sprawling out on the entry table, and applying makeup in the bathroom. Myla made the entire experience super relaxing and fun, and we were joking the entire time. She did an awesome job of directing me throughout the shoot, while still soliciting ideas my own ideas for shots to try. The most fun we had during the shoot was shooting against the 9th floor window of the hotel—trust me when I say that if you can overlook downtown Portland in a bra and panties, you can do anything!

MG: Any advice for women who are thinking of getting their own boudoir photos done?

Lexie: I think the best piece of advice I have is that before a shoot, do something that makes you feel sexy and confident. (For me, that’s lingerie shopping, date night, or Zumba). Every woman is sexy and beautiful, and nothing makes a shot look better than confidence! Also, I would recommend that women find something they feel comfortable in, even if that isn’t traditional lingerie. If you aren’t a frilly lace sort of person, rock your special someone’s favorite sports jersey or your favorite headband. If tons of makeup isn’t your thing, go natural! (Although speaking as the most low-maintenance girl on the planet, it can be really fun to glam up for an afternoon!) The most important thing is that you have fun! I brought a friend to my first boudoir shoot, and I think that small details like a girlfriend or an awesome playlist can help you to open up and enjoy the shoot. Don’t be nervous—boudoir photos can seem like a very risqué, bold, or scary thing to do, but it really is a relaxed experience and a huge confidence boost once you see the finished product.

Cheeky Boudoir by Myla Gonzalez - Portland OregonCheeky Boudoir by Myla Gonzalez - Portland OregonCheeky Boudoir by Myla Gonzalez - Portland OregonCheeky Boudoir by Myla Gonzalez - Portland Oregon

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